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  • nebulos
    Apr 26, 03:04 PM
    ... indeed, for me, the screen does present a potentially serious compromise, mainly the shape. but, i figure i'll give it a shot and worst case scenario, i bring her back and take home her bigger sister.

    ... though that would make the holidays a bit awkward. :(

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  • tk421
    Oct 19, 01:10 PM
    I'm sure they're real, who would take the time to make screenshots of such mundane features? These are all great additions mind you, but nothing there that is really going to sell the OS (of course I'm already sold on it, so who knows?)

    Exactly. If someone was just trying to make headlines, they'd fake an iPhone interface or something like that.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 24, 12:04 PM
    As expected...we are on the waning end of the "hype arc".

    Geeze dude...people are right about your constant criticism. Grab some Ben & Jerry's, and put a smile on that face:)

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  • Socratic
    Apr 28, 12:10 PM
    The leak of the new design is a huge competitive advantage for those receiving the information.

    The iPad 2 design rendered most accessories for the iPad obsolete and accessory manufacturers are still scrambling to redesign cases, stands, et. al for the new iPad 2.

    Imagine being ahead of the curve and having your accessories ready for sale at launch.

    I understand Apple's position.

    True, it's a competitive advantage, but it doesn't have much effect on Apple as they don't manufacture cases etc., and can just release the design to those companies that they want to work with in advance anyway.

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  • relimw
    Oct 19, 11:08 PM
    And.. there's profanity in the Mac OS X Dictionary?

    I'd never looked but apparently so..

    ******* off [usu. in imperative ] (of a person) go away.


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  • Tatianomaly
    Mar 12, 06:20 PM

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  • PlaceofDis
    Sep 9, 11:16 PM
    Those people who have tattoos all over their body, like enigma, the cat guy, the leopard guy and the lizard guy are insane. They are fully disfiguring their bodies. They think they are animals, except for enigma who thinks it is "art", which IMO is less crazy but still incredibly weird. His puzzle pieces are all different colors and are all patchy.

    life is a work in progress, so is your body. tattoos and piercings are art to me, and self improvement.

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  • jayducharme
    Jul 15, 06:47 PM
    Facts are different than what you're hearing.

    "Mr. Scott, set the Reality Distortion Field to -121 decibels. Activate!"

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  • TonyV125
    May 3, 12:53 PM
    Yeah, keep in mind this is all over a phone. An expensive toy for grownups.

    Missing kids and amber alerts don't get this kind of attention unless there is a particularly "sensational" aspect to it.

    Let's keep this in perspective.

    Thank You. I posted something similar on another site when the break-in, or whatever you want to call it, was first reported.

    Think about it. Law enforcement officers couldn't find Jaycee Dugard for 18 yrs, and had even visited the home of her abductors after complaints from neighbors about what they were hearing, yet didn't even enter the home or search the property. I realize they probably had no way of knowing she was there, but something was definitely not right, and they knew the owner of the home had a criminal history.

    Obviously, there's plenty of money behind the task force to protect the toys. If the same motivation was behind finding an abducted child, she would have been gone for only 18 days instead of 18 years.

    It is time to gain some perspective, and get our priorities straight.

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  • sosumi99
    Aug 17, 02:47 PM
    Are people as outraged by this leak as I am? I can't believe it. He just stole Steve's thunder at a later secret event. This will end up costing Apple the element of surprise and the impact of a special Steve announcement. We've got to punish Lion's Gate somehow. We need to boycott all of their films and show that they cannot mess with Apple. The mothership is under attack! Who's with me? :mad:

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  • G5Unit
    Mar 28, 12:22 AM
    I guess it's time to return my Xbox 360 to costco.

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  • Peterkro
    Sep 10, 08:30 AM
    See the guy in the crowd with the "I support two teams NZ and whoevers playing Australia" classic couldn't have said it better myself.

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  • wpotere
    Apr 15, 06:32 AM
    Probably should have checked to see if it was ok to bring a laptop to school in the first place. Most have pretty strict rules in this area.

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  • Truffy
    Apr 14, 06:24 AM
    Exactly. Because no professional would be shooting in 4k. That's for soccer moms and trolls.

    LMAO...nice one! :D

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  • Burnsey
    Apr 6, 07:56 PM
    Against the will of who? Read a history book...

    The partitioning didn't go well though, the Palestinians weren't fond of the idea. Which created the mess there is today.

    So Eraserhead, seems that we can credit your lovely nation, the UK, for the creation of Israel. Congrats!

    The thing is no one ever consulted the people who lived there about creating this new and foreign state on their land and have people imported on ships from all over Europe to populate it. I remember reading somewhere that the partition was rejected by the Arabs because while the land was divided roughly 50/50, the Jews only owned ~10% of the land, and much of the prime land near the water was allocated for Israel.

    Why would they have to kill them?? :confused:

    Kill them or drive them out, simply because if they merge the non-Jewish population would quickly outnumber the Jewish population. If it becomes a true democracy and these non-Jews are given voting rights, then the state will quickly lean towards an Arab state rather than a Jewish state due to greater Arab influence.

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  • MacBird
    Oct 17, 11:28 AM
    What's trim support?

    Garbage collection for SSDs.

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  • BigPrince
    Jan 14, 11:57 AM
    We could always go with the bow tie thing. :p

    It would of worked too. No one else there had bow ties.

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  • MacRumorUser
    Nov 10, 05:55 PM
    Little update.

    JoyRide is quite fun. Menu system is rubbish though. But the game itself works surprisingly well. There's a lot of leniency built into it to accommodate the motion controls. Graphics are clean, shatp and colourful. The ovefly leniency controls prevents it being a frustration festival. But like I say menu system is pants.

    Kinnect Sports is fun and frantic. Enjoy the bowling - it's certainly as fun as Wii Bowling so I can see it being a party game winner. Table tennis is awesome too.

    What I like about most Kinnect games so far is Avatar support. It is long overdue since Microsoft introduced them.

    Of all the Kinect games the biggest criticism is with the menu system. Only Dance Central has got it spot on - intuitive & responsive.

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  • Eso
    Apr 4, 11:37 PM
    So they are supposedly not going to announce the new iPhone at WWDC and hold a entire, secondary event about a week later?

    Stupidest rumor I've ever heard.

    Jan 3, 08:18 PM
    Mine for the month... or at least the next week.

    Oct 18, 04:01 PM
    Many people seem to worry about the touchscreen thing. How about the apple remote then? Front Row works fine with it (it's still painfully slow but you get my point...). I can see a widescreen video iPod with those (existing) radio remote headphones (with the same controls as the apple remote and the shuffle) that you use just as you use front row. Add an infrared port so you can use the apple remote when your iPod is connected to a TV.

    The only downside would be you can't really scroll well... maybe they'll come up with a small-sized clickwheel (basically the apple remote control, except that the outer ring can be used to scroll just like on the big clickwheel).

    Apr 27, 05:21 PM
    Great post. Just one thing (or maybe 2?)

    I never said I didn't like what Apple has done or that the technology isn't great.

    What I was stating is that Apple, along with other companies contribute to the dumbing down of society. And then put themselves in a position to speak down to you (ie today's quote by Steve Jobs) about educating the customer.

    I don't pretend to have all the answers. One of my majors was in Speech Communications. There's a lot of validity to professionals using language to subjugate and/or exclude other members of society in conversation. The language doctors, lawyers, auto mechanics, you name it all have their own vocabulary which excludes the average person. This also adds "mystique" and credence to the information they state.

    So when I say that Apple and other companies are contributing to the dumbing down of society - I say that without prejudice or judgment - but merely a statement of fact. And pretty incontrovertible at that.

    Okay, so how would you tell the average person to check their carburetor without "excluding the average person?"

    Yes, there's plenty of examples of language usage designed to add mystique. Heck, one popularly misunderstood one in tech circles is the word "free" since "free" to the average person is different than "free" to the FSF/GNU crowd.

    Heck, your opinion that Apple "contributes to the dumbing down of society" is an example of talking down against what people do. I personally don't see them as "dumbing down society", since I see that society was dumb to begin with. Apple doesn't make us any dumber, because if Apple didn't make the devices easy to use, people probably wouldn't use the devices anyways. They wern't going to be "smarter" without it.

    Likewise, all are welcome to see both our wordings as language manipulation.

    Sometimes the language gap is unavoidable because for some given unique thing, there's just no reasonable alternative. The average person simply does not need to know what a carburetor is, does not want to know what a carburetor is, nor would even care to remember what a carburetor is if you took the time to explain it to them in clear words.

    Likewise, I'm fairly sure many of you here would care all that much if I or somebody else busted out a lecture on the Tomasulo algorithm despite all of us using it every day.

    I'm all for education, but I understand that sometimes people just want to use the device, not know about how it works. Giving people the tools to do what they want lets them choose what they do next, hopefully that is to learn about something they do actually care about.

    Sep 5, 03:51 PM
    Mwsf '07.

    Yeah, that seems like logical timing. I can't see when or how they'd launch it before then (assuming they don't launch it next week).

    Nov 13, 12:39 PM
    This is great to hear!

    I really like the ads, and in all honesty, Apple has a tendency to use a theme for a long time..

    Think Different
    The first PowerPC systems.
    and my favorite, the iMac ads featuring Jeff Goldblum!